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    Pay-Per-Click Services for Local Businesses

    We help your business run paid ad campaigns that are reliable and profitable. That means that you put a dollar in, and get 3, 4, or 5 back – every month. Pay Per Click (PPC) management is to manage and supervise the ad expenditure of a certain company. Often, it gives strategies, and this helps in minimizing the total ads expenditure. Any e-merchant or vendor himself should do this, or a company should hire a dedicated specialist to manage the PPC buys for the company. Generally, PPC management is considered an evolving art where there is no possibility for perfect optimization.

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    Our PPC Strategy & Planning

    High-level and effective Pay Per Click management includes many subjects that are all interconnected with each other. Here are some details of such subjects


    This includes monitoring all the search term reports for closely learning the keywords and queries that are often used. This is for focusing on all the buys on the most common searches. Apart from this, it also includes monitoring the overall return on investment. This is a great help for dictating the amount paid and the overall scope of the d buys.

    2. Channel Strategy:

    There are many channels that are an excellent deal for PPC marketing, which boosts its work. Some of those channels are Google AdWords, affiliate networks, Bing Ads, and paid social media placements. Considering these channels will make the PPC strategy work more efficiently.

    3.Negative Match:

    This part of PPC management involves optimizing the ad spend by filtering out all those users who do not match a category as it makes them unconvertable and of no benefit for the company. For example, a fashion retailer will limit their ads to those users on top of just 10% earning. Moreover, a restaurant will also limit the ads to those living close and near to the geographical proximity.

    4.Keyword Analysis:

    This means to discover and target specific keywords related and concerning the subject and search queries getting entered for the company’s leads. This is a great help for making the site reach the top of the search engine.

    5.A/B Testing:

    Constantly split testing is a great way to optimize the ROI of PPC. All the display variables like text and graphics are usable in an interchangeable method to find the most effective method.

    6.Competitive Analysis:

    That is a key move to keep an eye on the strategies and tactics getting used by the competitors, but it takes a lot of time. For instance, it is a significant step to decide to get into competition directly by bidding on the same queries or, in place of this, targeting the queries your competitors overlook. Both things are highly beneficial for the PPC but take a lot of time but could be worth it

    Why You Should Hire PPC Management Agency:

    Hiring PPC management services will help you optimize your ads in a more efficient way. Here are some of the benefits of hiring PPC management services;
    1.    Quick Feedback:
    The crucial benefit of a PPC management service is speed. As SEO takes a lot of time and patience for building organic traffic, in contrast to that, PPC produces a lot of traffic with just a click of a button.
    2.    Specific Targeting:
    In a PPC campaign, specific targeting refers to selecting some of the best combinations of strategies. It enables you to decide on your own where and when you want to meet your audience. The particular benefit of PPC management allows you to tweak your ad for reaching the audience. This way, you can optimize things according to the ways your consumers need.
    3.    Building Better Brand Recognition:
    Another great benefit of PPC is that it gives you the ability to gain impressions. Keep in mind that your ad is only charged when someone clicks on it. Sometimes consumers click on the ad above or below you, but this does not mean that your brand is not in front of them. With time, this can also steer customers to you.
    4.    Reach Local or Global Audience:
    PPC is not limited to online space just. In fact, it is liable to make a big difference for your brick-and-mortar stores too. People search for the services within their area and mostly search using their smartphones. Geolocations helped the companies to target such searches. They do it efficiently by providing directions and contact info. This is what makes the customers the whole purchase cycle.
    5.    Independency From All The SEO Algorithm Changes:
    Apart from being instant, PPC management benefits are guaranteed too. You can ensure that your campaign will run according to the set parameters without any effects from the search engine operations. Simply, this means that PPC never gets changed according to the SEO Google algorithm or ranking.
    PPC management services are a great help for all businesses. Following this, it is always recommended to go for it as it has guaranteed benefits.


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    Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Services

    Is Pay Per Click (PPC) right for my business?

    This depends on your individual business circumstances of course, however, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising should work for almost every industry or business sector. If you offer products or services that people are likely to search for, then PPC will be right for your business in some shape or form.

    Why would I pay for a search engine advert?

    PPC advertising is an effective way of driving traffic to your website instantly. Organic search can take some time and is a longer-term search strategy, so if you want to start generating more website traffic and leads quickly, then paying for a search engine advert through PPC is the best way to achieve this.

    How long does it take to see results?

    Once the campaign is setup and ready to go, it will need to go through a review process which shouldn’t take more than an hour. Once it has passed the review process, the campaign will be live and you will start driving traffic to your website. We will be able to tell within the first week whether or not the campaign is working for you.

    I've tried PPC before and it didn't work, should I try again?

    This is a question we have heard many times before. If you have tried PPC before and it didn’t work then it is most likely that there was a problem with the way the campaign was set up; either the keywords you were targeting weren’t quite right or your campaign didn’t have the correct structure. We can analyse the data from your previous campaign and highlight why your old campaign didn’t work, as well as making suggestions on how we would set up your new campaign, should you want to try it again.

    Where do paid adverts appear in the search engines?

    Paid adverts appear in the top four search engine positions and have a small ‘Ad’ label on them so users know they are a paid advert.

    Why can't I see my PPC advert?

    There could be a number of reasons for this; it could be that your daily budget has run out and your campaign isn’t now showing until the following day. It could also be to do with the targeting settings of the campaign, for example, if you are searching for one of your keywords outside the targeted campaign locations.

    Is my advertising budget paid directly to you?

    No, your advertising budget is paid directly to the paid search advertising provider. If we set up a PPC account for you, it will always be in your name and email address, so that you always retain ownership of the advertising account.

    Is the management fee tied to campaign spend?

    No, we don’t take this approach as there is no incentive for us to lower your cost-per-click and your overall spend. We always strive to deliver the most cost effective paid advertising campaign possible so we just charge a standard rate for the work we do. If the campaign is delivering the results you want and you want to therefore increase your advertising budget, we don’t think it is fair that our management fee then increases also.

    Is the management fee tied to campaign spend?

    No, we don’t take this approach as there is no incentive for us to lower your cost-per-click and your overall spend. We always strive to deliver the most cost effective paid advertising campaign possible so we just charge a standard rate for the work we do. If the campaign is delivering the results you want and you want to therefore increase your advertising budget, we don’t think it is fair that our management fee then increases also.

    What is included in the monthly reporting?

    As standard, we report on the monthly activity of your campaign which includes the number of clicks, the cost per click, the average position, the click through rate and the cost per enquiry. We can however tailor the report to your specific circumstances to ensure that we are providing feedback on the key statistics that matter to you most.

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